Company Overview

Many companies say their employees are their greatest asset. At ARA, we don’t just say it; we live it every day. Our employees are brilliant, talented individuals with outstanding capabilities and excellent reputations who come together to solve many of our nation’s toughest challenges. ARA employees have incredible technological depth and breadth. From them comes the ability to see solutions to problems, and the skills to execute our shared vision.

At ARA, we offer a work environment where we can all focus on work we are passionate about. We are encouraged to pursue our professional goals with the right level of support from our leadership and our team.  Technical excellence and innovation drive our individual and shared success, and ultimately the future direction of ARA.

Our work is accomplished through a network of colleagues with complementary capabilities, similar goals, can-do attitudes, and a willingness to support each other. Our ability to solve problems has led to long-term associations among our staff and with our clients, resulting in our continued success.

New employees bring fresh ideas and perspectives that when combined with existing expertise enables us to find solutions, in familiar and unfamiliar territory, that expand the realm of possibility.

Company Summary
Applied Research Associates, Inc.
Number of Employees
(505) 214-8221
4300 San Mateo Boulevard Northeast
#Suite A-220
Albuquerque, NM