Nancy Falls is a founder and CEO of The Concinnity Company, a firm that helps companies transform the way their boards and leadership teams work together. With more than thirty years of experience in and around the C-suite and the boardroom, Falls is a leadership and governance expert who understands what it takes to drive authentic success. A former Associate Provost for Finance and Administration at Vanderbilt University, she has held executive positions at Fleet Bank (now Bank of America), MagneTek, Ucar International (now GrafTech), and Tatum. Falls is a Governance Fellow of the National Association of Corporate Directors.

Nancy is a veteran of the C-Suite and the boardroom with a passion for corporate performance. As an Advisor and Executive Mentor to leaders seeking sustained excellence, Nancy leverages her own operating and advisory success for the benefit of company boards and leadership teams driving growth and change. Her years as a business executive have given her a 360-degree view of the problems that boards and leadership teams face. From helping company boards and CEOs with creative solutions around the human capital problems that occur during transitions, to running businesses and teams, Nancy has had C-Suite roles, board level responsibilities, P&L accountability and complex financial management navigation, built on a number of years in money center banking.

The Concinnity Company provides counsel to company boards and their executives on leadership and governance matters.