Changing Careers – How to Transition Intelligently from One Field to Another
Changing careers can feel like an overwhelming proposition. So, if you are not sure if you want to leave your job, you are afraid of making another mistake, or you are unsure of which path to take, try it out first.

If you have a passion for something and you want to figure out how you can make it more than a hobby, there are plenty of avenues to try it out. If you think you want to be an event planner, shadow someone who plans the types of events in which you are interested. Interview them and challenge them to be real about their work. Put on an event for your friends and just charge for the cost of goods. Provide a service to the community. Practice having this career before you jump off the deep end.

Sometimes people find that when they try to make a career out of a hobby or passion, it loses its luster. You may love throwing dinner parties, but when it comes down to it, you don't want to deal with picky hosts or stressed out brides. For the longest time I wanted to be a massage therapist, but then I realized that what I really wanted was to RECEIVE the massages for a living! I am not discouraging you from taking the leap and taking a risk; however, your leap should be calculated and you should put in a lot of time learning about the profession and talking to people who are doing what you want to do before you jump. If you have a bit of time and some money, I would also recommend a Vocation Vacation. Even if the job is not what you thought, you will have had a great and informative vacation that puts you one step closer to finding the path of your dreams. Changing careers is really only a risk if you jump too soon.