Passive Candidates and Recruiters

In a tumultuous economy, individuals struggle in balancing their desires to stay in their current position or entertain other possibilities. People who are satisfied with their job at the present aren't necessarily looking elsewhere and may even pass up opportunities to speak with recruiters about other companies. Jerry Land (known as The Headhunter), Owner of JPLand, states his case to Tim Muma as to why passive candidates need to be taking every opportunity to speak with recruiters. Jerry gives us the reasons there is no better time for someone to look at other jobs than when they're satisfied at work - and some tips on how to handle these occasions.

Podcast Series: Minding Your P's and Q's
Minding Your P's and Q's is the ultimate source for all matters related to business etiquette. Here you find answers on the appropriate ways to think, speak, act, and look in a variety of scenarios. Each step of the process - job search, interview, daily business and special events - has its own rules and guidelines.