The Illinois Diversity LocalJobNetwork™ is comprised of multiple employment Web sites focusing exclusively on local communities in the State of Illinois. We are the premier online network for Illinois jobs and careers - connecting the most progressive companies with the most qualified diverse work force.

The Illinois Diversity LocalJobNetwork™ is committed to leading the market by offering innovative technology and superior services that give consumers and businesses more control over the recruiting process.

The Illinois Diversity LocalJobNetwork™ consists of local diversity sites that work with area organizations to help employers attract:
  • African Americans
  • Asian Americans
  • People with Disabilities
  • Gays and Lesbians
  • Hispanics
  • Mature Workers
  • Native Americans
  • Veterans
  • Women
Our Mission

The Illinois Diversity LocalJobNetwork™ is a network of local diversity employment Web sites committed to connecting employers with qualified, local applicants of all backgrounds. We understand that creating an inclusive, progressive work environment goes beyond just recruitment. Our goal is to be a comprehensive diversity resource for job seekers, employees and employers by:
  • Building alliances with local diversity organizations
  • Sharing information and resources that address workplace diversity and multicultural issues
  • Connecting progressive employers with a highly-qualified, diverse workforce
Our Network

An account with any of the sites in the Illinois Diversity LocalJobNetwork™ allows an employer to utilize ALL of the sites in the Illinois Diversity LocalJobNetwork™. Currently, the Illinois Diversity LocalJobNetwork™ includes:


Diversity Sites:
Chicago -
Naperville -
Peoria -
Rockford -
Gary -

Employment Sites:
Carbondale -
Champaign -
Chicago -
Decatur -
Joliet -
Naperville -
Peoria -
Rockford -
Springfield -
Gary -

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